Thursday, September 19, 2013

Observations on a Thursday night

It's been awhile since I've done one of these.  

I have really funny people as my friends.   I get texts and e mails all day long with little amusements.  It's quite nice. :)  Thanks all you witty folk.

I turn 35 tomorrow.  I might go buy pants with elastic in the waistband, and a pack of Depends.  Seems appropriate.

I'm getting a little tired of the wedding world.  Truth.

The weather this week has been so glorious.  It makes me wish to be outside all the time.  A nice combo of sunshine and breeze with a hint of apple cider in the air.

I've started a gluten free diet.  It's been 4 days and I do have more energy.  It would be nice to have a smaller dress size at the end of this to go with the energy.

I'm researching sheepherding and learning more about sheep than I ever wanted to know.

After you've been in the presence of God and seen His power to change lives why would you ever want to go anywhere else, do anything else but love and serve and worship him?  He's been showing off this week and it's sweet.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

walking on water

I was reading Mark 6 today where Jesus is walking on water.  In a storm.

It's the second time that he's with the disciples in a storm.  The first time he's in the boat with them.  The storm comes.  They freak out.  He calms the storm and tells them they have little faith.

This time he is walking by them in the storm and they freak out and call him into the boat with them and he tells them not to be afraid. And the storm calms down.

And then in Matthew a different part of the story comes out.  Peter walks on the water with Jesus.  Until he doubts and sinks. 

Jesus was really intentional about sending them ahead in a boat into a storm.  By themselves.  There are the obvious correlations about storms and Jesus and faith.  And here they are in the same situation again.  Christ gives them a new opportunity.

I wonder what would have happened if all the disciples had followed Peter as he followed Christ into the water.  What if they had walked across the lake together? 

How many times do I put God into my box?  Or my boat?  Instead of going where he is, I ask him to come to me.  He is so kind and he does, but I want to find the adventures He has waiting for me when I go his way instead of mine. 

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