Monday, November 18, 2013

New Tales from the Bottom of the Camera Bag

I have had a rash of people requesting crazy edits or complaining about their pictures recently.

Like 4 in a row. 

And I wonder is it me?  Am I massively failing as a photographer or am I just being hit with a rash of crazy? 

I just want to lay my head gently down on my desk and ask Pinterest to please stop raising people's expectations to the heights of ridiculous.  If you get married downtown in a city I cannot photoshop trees in your background.  If you have 12 pictures of you by yourself I don't want to photoshop your 4 bridesmaids out of a picture of you.  If I give you 16 pictures of your daughter, full length in her wedding gown, please explain to me what in those 16 pics was unacceptable for a full length photo. 

Why do we need to play the fox song at receptions now?

There's a new wedding photographer every day.

I need a new job. 

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