Saturday, December 27, 2008

The New Year!

Hi all!

Wow, 2009 is already here. I have been using this weekend as a take time to breathe, think and prioritize for what's coming break. (= I have to tell you guys, I am SO excited about this coming new year. We have some great couples going to be married!! And CGS still has a few spots open, so if you would like to try and book your day, give us a call, or drop an e mail!

I just want to share my heart a little too. I am a big cheeseball. I love weddings, romance and people. I have found myself laughing and tearing up behind the camera during toasts, during portrait sessions, and while watching two people vow forever to each other. And that is what I try to capture at every wedding and every event. Connection. Love. The emotion in the moment. I truly truly LOVE this job, because it is not a job for me. I want you to know that I am committed to giving you the best in tangible memories that I can provide for your special day. As an artist and a person I want to continue to grow, to improve CGS, and to always make sure that the couples that we serve love what we provide for them.

Best wishes to all and here is to a wonderful 2009!!


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