Friday, March 25, 2011

More pieces of my life

It's s'posed to snow Sunday.  What in the hey diddle diddle is that?  It's the end of March already.  Uncool.

I got invited to lunch twice this week and had to pay for none of them.  That was a lovely blessing. :)

Tonight I went to salsa class to brush the rust off my dancin' shoes.  Super fun.  Going back.  Learned the actual real steps to bachata tonight instead of just wildly following along and making it up as I go.  Which is how I dance normally, actually :D

Heard this song for the first time in a long time tonight.

Really want to watch Braveheart again all of the sudden. 

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Amanda said...

1. Free lunches are da' bomb!
2. Snow - what in the smurf is that about?
3. Braveheart...can I come???
4. I can NOT wait for you to read my new post.
5. Thank you for your comment on my "yes" post....I think it buoyed me just long enough for God to pull me together. :)
<3 you!

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