Friday, May 6, 2011

Brooke Fraser

I've loved Brooke's music for years.  We go all the way back to Albertine, even further to Arithmetic.  So when Faith said she was in concert in Cville, and should we go?  The answer was clearly, yes. 

Charlottesville is an hour north of Lynchburg.  Home to UVA and various random celebrities, like Dave Matthews.  The downtown, East Main St, is a delightful brick street that is lined with little shops and 2 old theaters.  Brooke played in The Jefferson.  The Jefferson is small, standing room only, maybe 150 tops-- can fit onto the main floor kinda theater.

But it's old and delightful and has a place on the side, called Cinema Taco.  Perfection.

This is Cary Brothers performing.  
He was delightful and charming and sings a song called Blue Eyes.  

I went with my sister and Faith and Amanda.  We had a blast.  Brooke opened with The Thief.  My fave of hers.  So I was in my happy place.  We randomly all sang Edelweiss in the middle of her set.  Kiwis. They're just crazy like that. ;)  She was super cute.  It was very fun.   Here are more pics and my fave song.....


Amanda said...

such a fun night! such a good memory. <3 you.

Amber J said...

Blue Eyes is my favorite from Cary Brothers :) looks like a blast!! whoo hoo!

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