Sunday, May 22, 2011

A first happened yesterday.  We arrived at one of the most beautiful places I've ever shot a wedding to discover that the bride was making her own flower arrangements.  2 hours before the wedding.  So guess which intrepid photographers made the bridal bouquets?  yup.

Speaking of the wedding Saturday, they had one of the baddest get away cars I've ever had the privilege of photographing.  But guess who announced it as a Hewlett Packard on facebook?  hahahaha!  Apparently a Hewlett Packard is a printer/computer company.  The CAR is just a Packard.  Today's blond moment brought to you by Crystal George. :D

The Blue Angels have been zooming all over the Burg for a week.  It's surprising me how nostalgic I am over seeing them around again. 

I've been exhausted lately, and it's really not a good time to be tired.  Chuggin' the vitamins and hoping not to scare all my friends and family away with extreme grouchiness.

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Amber J said...

that is something i would do...oh. yes. i would give you a list of all the faux pas moments I have had..but um, i still want you to like me and not completely fear me! hahaha

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