Monday, May 23, 2011

things that you should know

i like key lime pie
kittens, but not cats.

Jack Sparrow might be
my favorite
right behind Edward(not scissorhands)

there is a birthmark
on my leg
right above the knee

I believe that beaches
and volleyball
were meant to be like peanut butter & jelly

tacos are indeed
the world's most perfect
food.  for all meals.

(an exception might be made for waffles)

a night of laughter with heart friends
is deeply to be desired
especially if campfires are involved

I read books
like all the cliches
(see fat kids/cake and addict/crack)

but mostly
the important bit is.
i miss you


Amber J said...

I've never been so tempted to committ plagiarism ;)

Amanda said...

Are you in my head?

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