Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Various Thangs

This week marks 11 married years, and 13 years altogether with my husband man, Ryan.  Actually, now that I type that, the rest of this post makes a little more sense.

13.  That is.

I can make this long story very short.  Ahem.

Pull up to the house to leave.  Get call from bride I had forgotten that she is ready at the venue to take her portraits.

2 hours later have the dinner we were supposed to have left for in Lynchburg instead of Wintergreen.

Get lost on the way to Wintergreen.

Have the desk person laugh in our face because we are checking in at 11:30 pm and checking out at 11 am, as he hands us the weekend itinerary.

Open our condo we payed a nice amount of money for to find a room granny might have decorated and no view.

What can you do?  It's nice to know that 11 years later we can lay in bed and laugh a lot over a day gone horribly wrong.

Shot a wedding in MD this weekend.  Bride and groom were super cute.  Ruby and I got hit on separately and together.  Two ginormous boys asked us to take pics with them.  We obliged.  They mentioned they were the handsomest men there.  Good information.

I love riding in the car with my sister.  She told me a lil family secret.  Apparently mom didn't approve of the youngest sister saying the word bra, so when they went shopping for unmentionables they had to say bottom underwear or top underwear.  hahahaha!!  I laughed till I could barely see over that one.

Mother.  SMH

I had the best dream of my life last night.  Jason Mraz took me on a date to his avocado farm and we sat on a picnic blanket and had a deep conversation about life.  Waking up was hard to do this morning. 

Busy weekend.  Busy life.  More to come.

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Amber J said...

i may have giggled out loud...twice.

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