Thursday, January 10, 2013

Beach Bunny

It's not original.  It's not new or life altering or earth shaking. 

But it's SO FUN.

I'm a beach bunny.   Love the ocean.  Love beaches.  All of them.  No discrimination here, shorties! 

Some of my best memories are with my girl friends and our trips to the sand and surf.  Imma take you on a lil trip through a few of my favorite memories.  Ready? :)

Miami Beach:

White Sand.  Drinks under umbrellas.  Lazy days and salsa club nights.  OH YES.  

Nicaragua:  Leon

Rum and coke.  Sunsets that merge heaven and earth into glory.  Lazy days in beachside restaurants.  Tacos that will make your mouth sing arias. 

Virginia Beach:

The beach itself isn't that rad but I've been here twice with two of my dearest friends.  And those memories make it amazing.   And Oh Yes, we play chess on the beach.

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Amber J said...

i wanna live on a beach and sell umbrella drinks ...for forever

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