Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I don't know if it was the trip to Nica or just my soul that needs to take a breather sometimes. Either way, it was nice to pause. My pastor gave me a book to read called Helping the Poor Without Hurting Them or Ourselves. Nice title right? Catchy. (= For some reason I've lost the ability to sleep in when I am somewhere new, so every morning on the island I snuck outside while Misty was sleeping and my snazzy new book and I had some quality time. Max Lucado came too. Come Thirsty was the name of the devotional. No distractions, no cell phone, no internet. Just the sunshine and the breeze and God. Pretty close to perfect.

Relationship with God is the wellspring of our being as humans, but my spring gets so blocked up. I admit to feeling pretty apathetic. I love love my job, but it also demands a lot of time and so do my relationships with friends, family and Ryan. And wanting to succeed in life and business often replaces wanting to be near to God, and without me even realizing it. So things that God reminded me of in that week we spent together: I need to shut up and listen, take time to be still. God is my source and my success. People matter more than awards and recognition. I have more than I could ever ask or imagine in material and spiritual wealth, give thanks more often.

Especially in the trip to the House of Hope. Those little girls broke my heart. They attached themselves to each hand and followed Brittney, Misty and I around the entire time. One especially just wanted to be hugged and touched lovingly. I cannot even fathom what their lives have been like in the brothels, and then I have the audacity to complain about my cushy life. So God was pretty clear about perspective. Oh, and by the way, waterproof mascara is definitely needed for the trip back in March. I am not going to be able to translate their stories without losing it. Truth.

So what is all this rambling about Internet diary? Bottom line, God is full of graciousness and mercy toward me every day whether I recognize it or not. Frustrations are going to come around but I need to stop in those moments and remember mornings in the breeze and God saying remember what you have and give thanks.

And thank God for friends and laughs. Misty makes my heart happy. A truly lovely, unique individual. One of my two favorite redheads. (= Funny story, last night of our trip we were eating dinner at our fave local restaurant(fish was to die for) and we got hit on by two random American dudes. Pick up line to Misty: Is your hair naturally red? ( Yes) I bet you have a Nica boyfriend(No) I bet you have students calling you diablo. (No wierdo) Pick up line to me: People aren't nice to me, you are nice to me. (??) You guys want to go get pizza? (as we sit eating dinner in front of him) I swear we thought they were running away from the law. (=


PS. I forgot I had this diary available...will post more often....

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