Thursday, January 21, 2010

Prayer and Discipleship

Hi Internet! I am going to address you as a person because I like the conversational tone, and hey, it's my blog and therefore my party. (= I had a moment last night where I wondered if I use this on a regular basis, what if I talk about "I" too much. You know like that dreaded interview question, define your weaknesses and your strengths? Hate that question. There is no way you want to come off as a braggart or a terrible person so I always fudged my way through that hoping not to look too much like an ass in either direction. But I digress. I guess since this is supposed to be my online journal "i" can make appearances. Just know, Internet, that if I start sounding too self absorbed you can tell me. (=

So, God has been working in me over the last year saying that perhaps someone should be interested in the college age kids that go to church with us. Half a year and several discussions later, it looks like I have a little small group of ladies starting up. Ok, truth? I am terrified. 2 of the girls are my sisters, which, means they will be honest with me. Which is good. But mostly I know that I am a seriously flawed individual and I am scared of messing up and therefore messing them up. But a Sarah Wetzel took an interest in me in highschool and her discipleship helped to form the foundation of my Christian worldview and I still look at that period of time as super growth in Jesus. These ladies are wonderful people and they are facing a lot more issues than I had to in becoming a young woman. Mostly, it would be good just to be together in community and study the Bible. I love Roy Hession's book The Calvary Road. Found somewhere to download it for FrrrEEEEEE...yes! So we might use that as well as start out in the book of Galations. (freedom in Christ, Christian identity) Anyway our first meeting is Valentines Day the 14 of February. Nice. (= Some chocolate eating, I mean prayer, haha might be in order.

So Internet, I have been praying about it, and I want to leave it in God's hands. My puny efforts are meaningless unless He makes it work.

Thursday calls to me. Have a good day!

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