Monday, February 7, 2011


Last night I almost fell over laughing.  I was smack talking due to the great guac debacle of 2011...trying in vain to sound like I actually might know what I'm doing in the kitchen....and my friend asked me if I'd been drinking....

This is still cracking me up, 8 hours later.  As my nearest and dearest will tell you this Latina has a lil bit of a feisty rebel in her.  Andy loves to tell the story of how when we met I couldn't stand her.  In my defense, she said hi my name is Andy and here are the rules.  Rules are right up there with the flu and airport security lines and the DMV waiting area. 

So, yeah, I front like I'm tough.  And love to talk a lil smack sometimes.  And I'm allergic to rules.   But I'll break my own heart before I'll break yours.  Jesus is good at rounding out my rough edges and I want to be like Him in the way that I love people.  Even when smack talking.

 My Andy girl

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Amanda said...

this made me giggle. <3 you

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