Monday, April 25, 2011

Elephants and Robert Pattinson

Last night I went to see this movie.  Obviously, as a Twilight fan I've seen Robert Pattinson work before.  But in this movie, he was...wait for it.... really good.  It's been interesting to watch him progress from the first Twi-movie to this.  Good, and a hottie.  Something about that era.  The way the men dressed.  YUM.  Anyway, he gets a gold star for much improved.

The movie was shot beautifully.  The framing of the important moments.  The lighting.  The color....ahhhh yes.  And Reese got to wear some amazing dresses.  Story line was sweet.  Kinda the Notebook with a better ending. :)

So I loved it.  Amanda and I giggled through it like 2 twelve year olds.  Late movie and a friend.  Yes, please.

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