Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just Stuff

Last night's wedding was fantastic.  A good dance party at a wedding always makes me yearn for a night out dancing my tush off.

Church this morning felt like coming home to family.  I love that.  I was sitting with Carter, Faith, Kellie and Kasey and I knew all of them.  Their stories and their hearts and it was so good.  SO good.  BRCC is a gift in my life.

I get to give the devotional for the connect night at Crash in 2 weeks and God gave the whole thing to me last night.  From start to finish.  That's amazing and it gives me goose bumps.  God has been pouring out his love on me these past two weeks.  Showing me where I am so far short of where he wants me to be and then reminding me that in my weakness he is able and more than able and I am loved. 

Dinner with Carter tonight at Rivermont Pizza.  Yum.  Also apparently there is a Step Up 4 out.  Holla!!

Hmm.  Seems like the theme here is dance and church.  The ladies in Nica had flag things they were dancing with in the aisle at church.  I wonder what Woody would say if we suggest it. haha!!

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