Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I was chatting with a friend of mine from highschool online tonight and she was telling me that she is doing the Esther study from Beth Moore with another friend we graduated with.  It was just encouraging.  I went from elementary to high school graduation with these girls and I remember them accepting Christ.  If any teachers or missionaries at CCS ever wondered if their contributions matter.  Here it is.  Adult, Bolivian, educated women walking with Jesus and pursuing him of their own accord. 

It matters so much.  What we invest in other people. 

I wonder how many people will be in heaven because of that little international mission school.

Also.  Today God sent me an answer to prayer that was unexpected and major and I am overjoyed at the movement of the Spirit in me and other people.

When He moves it's amazing.  You hold my world in your hands, Jesus.

I am amazed that you love
I am amazed that you love, me. 

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